Conflict can consume, damage and even destroy our inner peace.

Many ‘conflict resolution’ models have been developed and tested over time to assist with the conflict management, as well as the understanding and insight of human truculent behaviour. This specific model was developed using portions of several other programs developed over years however this model is different in three (3) major areas:

  • Neuro Scientific Bases

    It is built on a neuro-scientific basis that utilises the most recent research of the brain to address how we manage conflict.

  • Root Cause

    Where most communication models concentrate on managing behaviour (changing the other person’s behaviour or changing the other persons’ feelings) this model attempts to go further and address the core issue that is at the root of the conflict.

  • Easy to Grasp

    The most important feature of the model is that it is easy to grasp, using everyday language that is familiar to all and combines our natural reactions to ensure a positive outcome.

Deal Effectively with Conflict NOW

Dealing effectively with conflict is one of the most fundamental skills required to enable us to enjoy a happy and harmonious life. If conflict is not managed effectively it will not only impact on us personally, it will also have impact on our work and home environments, and our relationships.

Meet Your Trainer

Psychologist & Neuro-psychotherapist

Paul Potgieter

Your trainer Paul Potgieter is a qualified psychologist and neuro-psychotherapist with 25 years' experience in the mental health field and more than 15 years as a psychologist in Australia. He specialises in providing psychological interventions to individuals, couples, and the resource industry. Paul has a keen interest in neuroscience and strives to incorporate the vast knowledge that neuroscience offers regarding mental wellbeing and illness in his practise. He is currently the president of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience.


For less than the price of a psychology session you can learn how to deal effectively with conflict, in the comfort of your own home. You will have 6 months access to the course plus downloadable material to refer back to whenever you need.

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • How we interpret life

  2. 3
    • The Brain

  3. 4
    • What drives behaviour

  4. 5
    • Peeling back the layers: Describe Behaviour

    • Peeling Back the Layers: The Sentences

  5. 6
    • Applying the sentences to yourself